MMG Capital Published in The Scotsman Guide: 5 Steps to Presenting Deals

MMG Capital's Managing Director was recently published as an expert author on the private lending industry in The Scotsman Guide. The title of the article is 5 Steps to Presenting Deals to Private Lenders and provides mortgage brokers with some highly useful and relevant tips for positioning their clients to obtain funding from hard money lenders

This article marks the third time that Chris Gleason has been published as an expert author in The Scotsman Guide. The publication is the leading nationwide resource for both residential and commercial brokers to obtain information about active lenders, new programs, changes in laws and regulations, and industry porotocol. To read the full article, you can either click on the widget below to be directed to the Scotsman Guide website where you will be able to read the article and the rest of the Scotsman Guide in your browser, or click the link below it to download a PDF copy of the article.

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5 Steps to Presenting Deals to Private Lenders

5 Steps to Presenting Deals to Private Lenders  <--- (PDF Download)

Our New Website - Nationwide Hard Money Lending

One of the most difficult things for a young company to do is to define itself. Sometimes it's easy to identify what product you're selling, what service you're providing or who you want to do business with, but it can be difficult to identify how you want to deliver your product, who your target customer is, or the parameters under which you're going to deliver business to your end consumer. As a result, it's often times difficult for a company to tell a consumer exactly who they are and why anyone should want to do business with them. Figuring out why they present a strategic advantage in the marketplace is something that generally takes time not only to discover but also to communicate.

The hard money lending industry is no different. We all know that the product every hard money lender is selling is money, but the circumstances surrounding any sale made in this industry can vary widely. Under what circumstances does a hard money lender allow a customer to borrow their capital? In what geographic regions are they willing to lend it? And what procedures will they follow in order to take a loan request and deliver it to the closing table? These aren't necessarilly easy answers to come up with and they're even more difficult to translate for mortgage brokers and borrowers, especially in an industry where professionals use conflicting terminology as if its synonymous and hard money lenders advertise information that isn't even necessarily accurate. How in the world does a hard money lender tell borrowers and mortgage brokers what it is that they do? 

There's really only one answer: very generally. 
Operating in the hard money lending industry is a mostly subjective task. What will fly on Tuesday won't necessarily fly on Thursday, and what worked this morning may not work this afternoon. That's just the way things are. Hard money lending doesn't fit into a Lender Matrix because hard money lending isn't about following a process. Hard money lending in 2011 is about finding customized solutions that will help borrowers achieve a goal. In almost all cases, that solution won't be found in an Excel spreadsheet.

So, with the understanding that we won't be able to provide you with every answer that you seek within the pages of the internet, we've revamped our website to do just what we suggested above - to give you a good idea of what it is that we can do for you or your client. We'll have to work out the details once we find out exactly what it is that you need, but for now we hope that we've given you enough information to get to understand our product a little bit better consider sending your next hard money loan request to MMG Capital. 

We invite you to explore the updated website and let us know if you believe there's additional information that we could include to help you better understand our lending philosophy. Suggestions can be posted as comments on the MMG Capital Blog or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


MMG Capital Upgraded to an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is an organization establishes to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. It sets standards for marketplace trust, encourages and supports best practices, denounces substandard marketplace behavior. MMG Capital has now been a voluntary member of the Better Business Bureau for the past two years, giving its clients an open forum to report any conceived misgivings or unprofessional behavior by the company. While MMG Capital's company profile and rating have been reviewed hundreds of times, in a two year span there have been zero customer reviews and, more importantly, zero customer complaints. 

When it comes to the Better Business Bureau, no news is apparently good news. Market research suggests that consumers are 10 times more likely to let you know when they're dissatisfied than when they're satisfied or even extremely happy with a product or service. This notion has paid dividends for MMG Capital who was recently upgraded to an A+ in the Better Business Bureau company rating system. 

"We think it's important, especially in this industry and during these times, that consumers know what type of company they're dealing with and can feel comfortable knowing that, given the opportunity, other customers just like them were never given reason to be dissatisfied with the service we provide."

                                                                                                     - Chris Gleason  |  Managing Director

MMG Capital on the Cover of Real Estate Wealth

Investors are taking notice of the success that MMG Capital clients have had (See: The Year in Review: How Did We Do?). Others are also starting to take notice of the logic in our strategies. As a result, MMG Capital is receiving some decent press to start off the new year. The cover of Real Estate Wealth Magazine, a publication dedicated to helping accredited investors grow their wealth with real estate, will be graced with a feature on MMG Capital and how private lending is helping investors across the country realize double-digit returns utilizing safe, secured investing techniques. 

MMG Capital's Managing Director, Chris Gleason, was interviewed in his home by Real Estate Wealth journalists and the result was a three-page feature story which you can access and read for free below. Should you like to have a hard copy of the magazine, simply give us a call and we'll be happy to send you one with our compliments.

We've come to realize that we were wrong when we assumed that all potential real estate investors wanted to be "house flippers" and "rental property owners." Now that they've seen that there's a better way to do things in this type of economy the response has been very positive. Private Lending and Secured Loans has changed investors entire outlook on what constitutes a "safe investment."

- Chris Gleason, Managing Director



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MMG Capital Funds $250,000 Bridge Loan

MMG Capital recently funded a $250,000 bridge loan secured by real estate in Sacramento, California. The loan is to be used for business purposes while the client waits for large-scale commercial financing to be put in place. The borrower was unable to obtain traditional financing because his business requires him to be out of the country for most of the year and to maintain a primary residence abroad. The real estate is also owned by a single-purpose LLC.

MMG Capital was able to approve the borrower for an asset-based loan coupled with a personal guarantee from the borrower, giving them the time that they need to get other financing in place or generate additional business revenues to pay off the MMG Capital Loan.